Peter Freed in front of UFO. The supports of Jet Star 2 are visible behind UFO. Photo: Paul Barker, Deseret News

The Huss UFO was like a cross between the Centennial Screamer (a Huss Enterprise) and the Satellite (a Hrubetz Roundup). Like the Satellite, riders stood with little restraint around the wheel facing towards the center. Similar to the Screamer, the wheel started flat and was raised by a hydraulic arm until it was almost vertical. Riders entered the gondola on the side. The outward forces of the spinning ride kept riders against the back of the gondola so no restraints were needed, except bars on the front of the gondola.

UFO was the first of three Huss rides to spend a single season at Lagoon. It was installed next to Jet Star 2 where Air Race now operates. Tri-Star was placed there in 1979 and was moved across the Midway near Game Time before UFO was there.

After UFO’s single season at Lagoon, the space was later home to the Whirlwind in 1984, followed by Cyclone in 1985. Tri-Star then returned to the location until 1990.

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