The Terroride is Lagoon's oldest haunted attraction still in operation. It is one of two dark rides at the park It was Manufactured By: Amusement Display Associates, Inc. It opened in 1967.

Ride Details Edit

The Terroride is a classic dark ride designed by Bill Tracy. It is one of only eight Bill Tracy haunted attractions still in operation (Dracula's Castle is also one of the eight). Riders sit in a car and travel around a track viewing different scenes of nightmarish horror with the rare, but occasional gag that can startle some riders. The cars feature on-board speakers that used to play a scary soundtrack for the ride.

The ride has a castle-like facade with a skeleton and a witch that pop out from shutters in the castle's turrets. There are colorful letters spelling out "Terroride" on the front of the ride which rock back and forth.

History Edit

Terroride is the continuation of a long tradition of haunted dark rides and walk-throughs at Lagoon. Early in the 20th century, The Ghost Train opened just south of the Roller Coaster station. A large fire broke out in November 1953 which burned down the ride and most of the western half of the park’s Midway. After the flames were extinguished, it was speculated that the starting point of the fire was either the chain house of the Roller Coaster or the back room of The Ghost Train.

The damaged rides and buildings were quickly replaced in time for the 1954 season including a new haunted attraction north of the Roller Coaster called the Spook House. Whether this was a ride or simply a walk-through is unknown at this point. After a little more than a decade, Terroride replaced the Spook House.

The new scenes, ride system and exterior were designed and manufactured by Bill Tracy and his company Amusement Display Associates, Inc. who also designed Dracula’s Castle seven years later in 1974.

The Deseret News reported on the new ride with the following description:

“The ride looks like an old haunted castle into which the patron rides in an old car through the hall of horrors, the torture chamber of corpses, the quicksand corner, and more than 20 other spectacular and frightening scenes.”

Many changes have been made to the ride since it opened in the late ’60s. The audio is no longer played through the speakers on each individual car and some scenes have been replaced completely. Several new updates were made in 2007 including the animatronic based on Captain Barbosa from the film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl. For many years, the mechanical gorilla from the second floor of the Haunted Shack was used in Terroride as a King Kong figure with a city skyline painted on the wall behind it. The gorilla was removed some time after the regular 2007 season. For a few years until 2011, it appeared in Psycho Dave’s Junkyard, a Frightmares spook alley that was in the space now occupied by Air Race. It reappeared again in 2014 as part of the Pioneer Village Scare Zone. The fur is a little faded and his jaw is broken, but he’s still operating. Another Terroride feature was also brought back for the Pioneer Village Scare Zone – a large rat on wheels that used to roll towards passing riders at the beginning of the ride.

2010 Ride Update Edit

For the 2010 season, Lagoon did some work on the station. They added in a new animated vulture that periodically tells puns to those who are waiting in line. They also removed the mural from the station and added dead trees for theming.

2013 Construction Edit

In the off-season of 2012-2013, Lagoon removed the back wall of the building, which faces the parking lot near Roller Coaster, to make repairs to the structure and foundation. Around 5-10 feet of the ride was removed temporarily while crews worked to build the new exterior. After the new wall was completed, this area was rebuilt including new flooring and a re-welded section of track.

Once the construction was completed, Lagoon's electrical department rebuilt the ride's safety and control system. This brought the ride into compliance with the most recent fire safety standards. All work was completed in time for the ride to open with the park for the 2013 season.

Mural Edit

Terror Ride Mural

Prior to the 2010 update, there was a mural in the station that depicted a large dragon, a club-wielding caveman, flying ghouls, a mummified skeleton, an octopus, a snake in a tree, a dancing man, an alligator and some insects in front of an ancient-looking ruined city under a starry night sky. It is possible that the mural was painted by Bill Tracy himself. It is an unusual mural and no one is sure of the intent of the painting. It may have depicted some of the ride's original gags. The mural was not destroyed, and is currently located in Lagoon's annex building.

New Mural

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