Lagoon Gas & Service

The Speedway Jr. is a Ride located in Kiddieland. It was once called Lagoon Speedway when it was part of Mother Gooseland. The name was later changed (to distinguish between it and the adult-sized Speedway, Sr. added in 1960), the Speedway had a different track layout and different cars than it has today. Kids would pass displays such as the Hickory-Dickory Clock and Mary Mary Quite Contrary’s Garden.

The Speedway Jr. ride works much like the haunted houses. The car travels on a powered track allowing kids to feel like they are driving themselves around the track.

The Jr. part comes from the ride's old counterpart Speedway Sr. which used to sit where the Spider and Cliffhanger are now located. Both rides were very similar. Cars start at a small gas station and go on a little drive. The larger of the two was removed due to maintenance issues.

Speedway Jr. has gone through a few changes in it's day. Both changes were as a result of a remodeled Kiddieland and both changes rerouted the track. The most recent change for Speedway Jr. included a remodeled gas station. The original gas station was a mini Amoco station. When Lagoon reworked the ride in 2004, they converted it into the Lagoon Gas Station.

Fun Fact Edit

The number 375 on the little house actually references Lagoon's real address: 375 North Lagoon Drive Farmington, UT.

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