When Skyfighter opened in 1954, it was known as the Kiddieplanes, it was part of Mother Gooseland. Sky Fighter was made using surplus belly tanks from World War II. It is a simple ride design. Kids can sit either forwards or backwards in planes that have little noise maker guns. Unlike some of the other rides where kids can make the car go up and down this one goes up and stays up during the duration of the ride.

At one point Lagoon decided to update the name of the ride to Skyfighter. The reason for the name change is unknown to me, but I do have a theory. It was most likely changed in 1984 or 1985. 1984 would be a good choice because Red Baron was installed that year and could be confused with the name Kiddieplanes. 1985 is also a good choice because their was a Kiddieland remodel performed for that season.

Lagoon updated the ride again with a brand new paint job (1999?) and put stars all over the planes which now has caused people to mistakenly call the ride Star Fighter. In 2006 the ride got moved from the location that the Dinosaur Drop and Ladybug Bop now occupies to a spot near the Carousel.

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