Sky Scraper

Lagoon's Skyscraper at one point was Lagoon's tallest ride and used to be a very prominent ride that could be seen for miles. When the ride was first built the light show that it performed at night was truly amazing, but due to various electrical problems that Lagoon has had with the ride it's light show is somewhat lacking now and disappointing.

This ride is perfect for those that want a wonderful view of the park without some type of a thrill right before or after the view. The ride carries it's passengers to a height of 150 feet giving them a perfect view of the north end of the park and a nice view looking south.

This ride operates much like a regular ferris wheel. Even though it has 4 powerful motors, this ride has to be balanced or it struggles. If you visit the park on a less busy day, you will find that the wheel is only partially loaded. This keeps the wheel balanced while it is in operation. Only on rare occasions does Lagoon load the full wheel. And when that happens the ride is a guaranteed 20 minutes due to loading and unloading of all 36 gondolas.

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