The Rock-O-Plane ride Located in South Midway. It debuted in 1947 by the Eyerly Aircraft Company. Enjoy it because there aren't many more of these left in the world. It can be described like a Ferris Wheel with completely enclosed seating that can be flipped by the rider.

Each car can hold up to 2 people. But I should warn you that these cars are small. Most people ride alone making the wait time increase considering there are only 8 cars and it can only be loaded one car at a time.

One fun aspect to the cars is the locking mechanism. Riders can lock their car so it no longer spins. Although it is a simple ride, it is a very fun one when you get to spinning.

In 1997 or 1998 Lagoon repainted the ride with it's current paint job. Not sure whose idea it was to add the "vomit" like painting to the back of each car, but it does add an interesting look to the ride. At least if someone throws up while riding you can't tell.

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