Patio Gardens

The Patio Gardens.was a dance hall called The Lagoon Patio Gardens, it was built in 1954. While most bands played The Terrace Ballroom in Salt Lake City, or Union Ballroom at the University of Utah, in 1968 at least bands played The Lagoon Patio Gardens as well. Since the theatre was tiny, double shows seemed to be the order of the day. in 1969. Lagoon converted Patio Gardens into roller skating - only the Beach Boys, Sir Douglas Quintet and the tame musical performers would play at Lagoon ever again. Teen dances were held in Patio Gardens on Saturday nights, but otherwise roller skating ruled. Part of the Patio gardens would later become Dracula's Castle and Game Time Arcade.

Chronological List of Performers Edit

1964 Edit

  • The Champs
  • Smothers Brothers
  • Kingston Trio
  • Nat King Cole
  • Johnny Mathis
  • Johnny Cash

1965 Edit

  • Count Basie
  • the Beach Boys
  • Smothers Brothers
  • the Kingston Trio

1968 Edit

  • the Doors

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