OdySea is an interactive family water ride at Lagoon.  OdySea sits in the location of the old Gaslight Terrace right next to the Opera House  and the Bat . With the addition of this ride Lagoon made many improvements to the area. The park added a new history wall on the building to the west of the ride that features many old pictures and a brief history of the park.

Ride Details Edit

OdySea is a large rotating ride that features 12 fish-shaped gondolas capable of rising 20 feet into the air. Each gondola can carry two people and offers an interactive piloting system making it possible to raise and lower your fish to any desired height. A whale, two dolphins, and a shark placed on the outskirts of the ride shoot water from their mouths at the gondolas as they rotate around the ride. A communication system notifies the passengers via lighted arrows whether they should climb or dive to avoid getting wet. People who fail to follow direction both purposely and by mistake will find themselves on the receiving end of a spray of water.

The ride is somewhat similar to Scalawags  in its operation.

Theme Edit

The ride has a "Jules Verne-sque" aquatic theme and features a large octopus centerpiece that appears to be gripping each of the fish gondolas. The ride is suspended over a pool of water, and a large false-rock structure with two waterfalls sits behind the ride.

Song Edit

As the ride operates, a song plays that was written especially for the ride. It is a song that explains the mechanics of the ride in a way that's written for children.

Test Seat Edit

OdySea has Lagoon's first and only test seat making it possible to try out the gondola before getting in line to ride. The seat is a completely themed fish gondola that is not attached to the ride and sits near the ride's entrance. The seat allows potential riders to determine if they will fit comfortably in the ride.