The Octopus was a ride located in the South Midway in two different locations. It opened in 1954, and closed ca. 1980-82. It was manufactured By: Eyerly Aircraft – Salem, Oregon

History Edit

After a fire swept across the west side of Lagoon’s midway in November 1953, the park’s management worked quickly to rebuild the park in time for the next season. The “New Lagoon” opened on May 8th with several new rides and attractions. Among the new rides were the Tilt-A-Whirl, Spook House and three Eyerly rides: Rock-O-Plane, Roll-O-Plane and Octopus.

The Octopus was first installed near the west entrance, but wouldn’t have been there for much more than a year. A new Fun House began construction in that spot in 1955 and was completed two years later. Octopus was moved to a spot south of the Carousel and east of Roller Coaster as seen in this short film clip from the 1970's.

Octopus would have been removed sometime in the early ’80s when the area was developed into the Carousel Plaza which exists today. Currently, the Carousel Theater sits in basically the same space where Octopus had been for most of its time at Lagoon.

Gallery Edit

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