New Wilder Wild Mouse

Jim Abbate, National Amusement Park Historical Association

The New Wilder Wild Mouse
was a ride located in South Midway. It was manufactured By: Mack Rides – Waldkirch, Germany. It opened in 1973, and closed: ca. 1989. This is the second version of the Wild Mouse Ride


After the first Wild Mouse dismantled in 1971, there was a strong response from comment cards given out to guests showing they wanted to see it come back. In 1973, the Wild Mouse returned to the park, south of Speedway, Sr. The Midway basically ended in this area until the Sky Ride was built the following season. It’s not perfectly clear as to whether or not it was the same ride or a new one, but a quote from park president Peter Freed in 1975 when he said, “…we reactivated the Wild Mouse…” leads me to believe it was the same one from the Seattle World’s Fair.

The new sign on top read “New Wilder Wild Mouse.” Some visible differences from the earlier version include the yellow cars with high-back seats, something the earlier version lacked. Later on, the cars were painted white with a picture of a mouse on the front. The supports around the loading area were painted orange while the rest of the supports were white, like its predecessor.

An article published in 1998 stated this Wild Mouse also closed because of “mechanical problems,” but never goes into any detail beyond that. There is differing information concerning when the ride actually closed. One former employee informed me that they operated the ride in 1989. I’ve also been told it remained closed for a season before being removed prior to the 1990 season. It’s apparent from photographs that it was in fact standing in 1989, but I’m waiting for further confirmation of its final season of operation.

A common rumor, especially around the time of its closure, involves cars jumping the track. Although there were times on the ride that it definitely felt like the car was lifting up off the track, records confirm there have never been any fatalities on any Wild Mouse ride at Lagoon. 1990 to 1997 marked the longest absence of a Wild Mouse at Lagoon since the first one opened in 1965.

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