Musik Express

Musik Express is a ride located in the South Midway , next to the Centennial Screamer.  If you like traveling at high speeds, squashing a friend, and going around in circles then this would be the perfect ride for you! Musik Express travels at a high speed around in a circle with a few dips. The rider on the outside of the car gets a nice surprise as everyone else in the car is pushed up against them.

If you don't like riding rides like this then it's a fun one to watch and it's got music you can listen to. It's entertaining to watch riders on the inside of the ride try to pull themselves off of the person they are riding with.

At one point Lagoon used to allow this ride to travel backwards. But due to Maintenance upkeep they decided it was easier just to run it forward instead of both ways.

Only traveling one way isn't the only change this ride has had since it opened. There used to be a divider wall that separated the upper part of the ride from the lower. Cars passed through doorways as they went around the ride.