Historic Rock Building-Mormon Furniture Exhibit

Mormon Furniture Exhibit (Historic Rock Building) is a museum located in Pioneer Village. The Mormon furniture exhibit contains furniture on loan from the Historical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most of the furniture pieces are made of pine, since hardwoods were scarce in the time of the pioneers. However, special coats of paint were used to give the pine furniture the appearance of oak, cherry, mahogany, birds eye, maple, walnut, and other hard woods. Most of the furniture was based on patterns from the East such as Empire, Federal, and Gothic Revival. However, Utah furniture was generally simpler and heavier than the styles it imitated. Some of the pieces in the exhibit include:

  • The octagon top table: Carved with elaborate flowers and foliage and made out of pine, this table was made by William Bell in 1860. William Bell was an expert cabinet maker from London, England.
  • The Double Lounge (or Mormon Couch): This couch was made in Utah in 1860. It could be pulled out to form a double bed. Pieces similar to this one were used by passengers on sailing ships.
  • The Rocking Chair: Also carved in 1860 and made out of pine, this rocking chair was built to be large and sturdy, and closely resembles the “Boston Rocker.”