Merriweather, formerly known also as "The Blue Train", was originally built as a coal fired locomotive for Pixieland Theme Park in, Otis, Oregon, in 1968. Merriweather was styled after an 1880's era American 4-4-0 locomotive, with a large balloon stack, pilot, and delivered with 3 Crown Metal products "Fancy" coaches constructed of steel.

While in operation at Pixieland beginning in 1969, Merriweather was known as both Little Toot, Little Pixie, and carried the number 1865 like many Crown Locomotives. After Pixieland closed, Merriweather and the Log Flume were sold to Lagoon in 1974. Before being placed into operation at Lagoon, Merriweather received a rebuilt tender with a propane fuel tank, larger water tank, and conversion to burn propane. Merriweather had her tender rebuilt once again in 1980 with a new water tank. She operated as the only train on the Pioneer Village Railroad from 1976 - 1988, until operations ceased after the 1988 season.

Beginning in 1989, Merriweather joined Houston on the Wild Kingdom Train, where she has operated continuously except the summer of 2004, while she was being repainted into her current "Patriotic" paint scheme. During the summer of 2004 Merriweather also received yet another new and larger water Tank.

The exact Date and year that Meriwether was placed into service and as part of which operation at Lagoon is unknown, but is believed to be sometime around 1975. Also unknown is when a fourth coach was added to the original three coaches from Pixieland.

Paint Schemes of Meriwether Edit

1968 - Unknown: Green and red with yellow trim and red, green, and yellow coaches.  Unknown - 1986: Dark red and white with dark red and white coaches.  1987 - 2003: Blue and pink with white Trim and blue, white, and pink coaches.  2005 - Present: Red and blue with gold trim and red, blue, and gold coaches.

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