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Lagoon offers multiple high-energy shows for your enjoyment. These shows are fun for the entire family, and are free with admission. Step inside the Carousal Theater and experience a visually spectacular performance. Our talented performers will light up the stage with their voices and awe you with their choreography.


A Salute to BroadwayEdit

At the "Music USA Theater". Songs performed included "A Pretty Girl" from "The Ziegfeld Follies"; "They Call the Wind Mariah" from "Paint Your Wagon"; "Let Me Entertain You," from "Gypsy"; "Tonight" from "West Side Story" and "I Cain't Say No" from "Oklahoma". Performers: Collette Schlappi, Angi Cannon, Camille Bailey, LauraLyn Oldham, Angela Burnett, Bret Wheadon, Jeff Whiting, Tim Shoemaker, Roger Stephenson, Brett Bradford



featuring: Gray Aydelott, Natassia Clark, James Hales, Daysha Hannemann, Jacob Knight, Andrew Lewis, Ashtyn Nelson and Mandy Stanford, Kim Stephenson, Vaden Thurgood

Rock U2 the Top featuringEdit

Emily Giaque, Lexi Giaque, Daniel Hamblin, Michelle Hunt, Steve Shoemaker, Vaden Thrugood, Daysha Hannermann, Cody Jensen)

Jukebox JiveEdit

featuring: Nick Berg, Collin Christensen, Nathan Copier, Heidi  Evans, Elise Groves, Cody Jensen, Kristen Kemp, Ralynne Riggs, Linton Dean, Kim Stephenson


Electric '80sEdit

Carousel theater, featuring: Dallin Allred, Michelle Robbins, Amanda Monson, Elise Groves, Parker Solum, William Richardson, Emily Giaque, Steve Shoemaker

Rock U2 the TopEdit

Carousel Theater, featuring: Gray Aydelott, Mickelle Bean, Daysha Hanneman, Blake Murray, Ashtyn Nelson, JT Seumalu, Emily Giaque, Steve Shoemaker

On BroadwayEdit

Music Theater, featuring: Nathan Copier, Cody Jensen, Andrew Lewis, Becca Schwartz, Jennifer Perucca, Kathryn Stratford, Kim Stephenson, Preston Yates, Valerie Larsen, Lexi Giaque, William Richardson


Country swing jubileeEdit

Carosel Theater - Featuring: Amy Wilson, Dustin Bolt, Nathan Copier, Chris Squires, Vaden Thurgood, Ali Kaelin

Rock u2 the topEdit

Carosel Theater - Featuring: Mickelle Bean, Ashytn Nelson, Emily Giaque, Cory Alan Heaps, JT Seumalu, Vaden Thurgood. Swings: Ali Kaelin, Chris Squires

Broadway RhythmEdit

Music USA Theater - Featuring: Bronwyn Tarboton, Lexi Giaque, Samantha Bird, Jazzie Welch, Nathan Copier, John Wolfe, David Holmes, Gray Aydelott. Swings: Amy Wilson, Nick Berg


American 60's JukeboxEdit

Game Time Theatre

Broadway CornerEdit

Carousel Theatre

Rock U2 The TopEdit

Carousel Theatre


The Great Ame​rican JukeboxEdit

Carosel Theater

Broadway CornerEdit

Carosel Theater

Cirque Innosta Presents L'OrageEdit

Extreme Parrots ShowEdit


The Great American Jukebox/pop showEdit

(played evenings during the summer)- featuring past and present pop, rock, and country hits - Carousel Theatre. Featuring: Lauren Piggott, Camry Madsen, Jeferrson Tuke, Mickelle Tuke, Loren Hawks, Michelle Robbins, Blayke Murrey, and Jordan Robbins.

Hollywood Sings Edit

(played daytimes during the summer) - Carousel Theatre

Cirque InnostaEdit

Brought back for Lagoon's Birthday Celebration


Marry the NightEdit

Shubert AllyEdit


The Rock Show - Includes a live band performing the songs.Edit

Shubert AllyEdit


The Rock ShowEdit

Simple J​oysEdit

Cirque Innosta Presents BosqueEdit

2015 Shows Edit

Strawberry Fields Edit

Lagoon is proud to present, in partnership with the creator and director of Cirque Innosta, Joseph Wartnerchaney, STRAWBERRY FIELDS! Strawberry Fields is a love story told through lush eye-candy, beautiful vocal performance and breathtaking athletic dance. Audiences follow two star-crossed lovers and their sometimes dramatic, sometimes comedic but always entertaining adventure. Journey with them through the kaleidoscopic world that is Strawberry Fields. This performance is paired with songs by the Beatles that define the time.


Show runs June 5, 2015 – September 6, 2015*


Live in Living Color Edit

Lagoon is proud to present Live in Living Color. There’s a whole lotta’ shakin’ going on at Lagoon’s Carousel Theatre. Live in Living Color is a technicolor treat of great music moments from Broadway and Hollywood musicals. Filled with terrific songs and dancing, you’ll enjoy a smorgasbord of style from 60’s pop to 80’s power ballad and show tunes to rock and roll. Join us for a toe tapping adventure.

TUESDAY – SUNDAY: 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:00 PM (OFF MONDAYS) Edit

Show runs May 30, 2015 – September 6, 2015*


Rain Maker Edit

Lagoon is proud to present, in partnership with the creator and director of Cirque Innosta, Joseph Wartnerchaney, the RAIN MAKER! Rain and thunder on a sunny day? In this fun and interactive show, kids and adults alike discover that anything is possible when the wacky Professor comes to town. That ol’ varmint who claims he can make it rain a lake has snuck himself back into town. He’s bound to try to sell us a bill o’goods like he’s done before. We recommend y’all steer clear of this snake oil salesman less’n you want to laugh yourself silly at his pugnacious pranks an far-flung promises. But on the small chance he’s improvised some . . . bring an umbrella.


Show runs May 30, 2015 – August 23, 2015

LOCATION: Various locations on the Midway

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