Hydro Luge
Hydro Luge
is ride located in North Midway .  It is an interesting ride. Some people think it should have ended up in the water park, but it is far from it. Located as far north as you can get in the park the Hydro Luge sits next to the Rocket's ride entrance.

The ride is as the name suggests. Nothing more than a water luge run. 1 to 2 riders sit in a raft and ride the water down a slide that twists, turns, and has some really fun drops.

The ride is made up of two slides. A blue slide and a black slide. There are only minor differences between the two slides. The black one is just that - pitch black. This means you can't see the turns coming or the drops and makes it more of a thrill. The blue slide has been known to get people wetter and you can see what is coming.

This ride closed in 2018