In 2004 Lagoon decided to do some work to Kiddieland . This area of the park hadn't received any updates in many years and was long overdue. The Dragonfly was one of many updates to Kiddieland and was one of two new rides placed in that area of the park that allows parents and others to ride with the kids.

The easiest way to explain the Dragonfly is a scrambler ride mixed with a wave swinger ride. Much like many scrambler rides, this one has three arms. Each arm has a rotating hub that has swings attached to that. As the entire ride rotates, the three separate sets of swings rotate as well. The ride itself rotates at 5 rpm giving it's riders a gentle yet fun experience.

Lagoon's model was designed and themed to match the garden type theming that was done to Kiddieland in 2004. It was that theming that gave the ride it's name. In addition to being name the Dragonfly, the ride has a giant dragonfly that sits atop it with a 16 foot wingspan.