Lagoon’s Cyclone was one of a few rides leased from Huss Maschinenfabrik for one season. It was located directly east of Jet Star 2 where the Whirlwind had been in the previous year (and where Air Race is today). The ride’s paint scheme was orange and red.

Cylone was moved from Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri and it could have returned there afterwards since they had one in operation after 1985. But there’s a chance it was relocated from Kennywood in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Kennywood also seems to have had the same kind of one-year agreement with similar Huss rides¹.

After Cyclone was removed, the space later became the Jet Star Terrace which had canopies and tables, but never a permanent building. For several years the area was left empty with the exception of Psycho Dave’s Junkyard Maze which used the space during Frightmares from around 2005 to 2011. Air Race opened in this location in 2012.

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