Cocacola square

Coca-Cola Square is an Outdoor food Court located in the Central Midway . It is sponsored by Coca-Cola and has three different sections of the square.

Coke Plaza Funnel Cakes Edit

Coke Plaza Funnel Cakes offers Funnel Cakes, Curros and Drinks. The Funnel Cakes come with powdered sugar, Whipping Cream and Strawberry Topping. The Funnel Cakes are $5.99 each. The Curros are $2.99 each. Guests can Purchase a Funnel Cake Combo that comes with a 32 oz. Drink for $9.97

Coke Plaza Pizza Edit

Coke Plaza Pizza offers personal Pizzas, Jumbo Pretzels, Bosco Sticks, and Drinks. Pizza Combo Meal is $9.99. The Personal Pizzas are $6.99, The Jumbo Pretzel is 2.99. Dipping Cheese is $0.99. Bosco Sticks which comes with 2 sticks and Dipping Sauce is $3.49.

Gallery Edit

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