The Catapult, the latest X-Venture Zone ride, was installed in 2002. It hurls two passengers at a time up to 250 feet (76 m) in the air. It is powered by extension springs which exert a maximum pull of 80,000 pounds of force. The tower is 196 feet (60 m) tall which is nearly as tall as the nearby Rocket towers at 212 feet (65 m). A spokesperson for Lagoon said that this may be Lagoon's most thrilling ride ever, as there is a strong weightless feeling in the ride, some twists and oscillations. This ride also has a TV screen so patrons enjoying the park or the riders friends may see the riders while the ride in fully functional. The tapes made go up for purchasing at the gift desk. Riders are strapped in a capsule seat by full harness restraints with redundant locking mechanisms for safety and comfort. The capsule is also equipped with a video camera and microphone with remote broadcast capability to transmit video of the riders to the monitors on the ground. Afterwards, you may purchase that tape at the souvenir counter.