Baby Boats

Baby Boats is a kiddie boat ride located at Lagoon in Kiddieland

Ride Details Edit

The ride consists of a series of small boats in a concrete waterway that are towed by a lead motorized boat. The lead boat draws power from a cable reel attached to a freely rotating arm located in the center of the ride. The boats float and have wheeled extensions on their sides that steer them around the course. Each boat has two non-functional steering wheels and one bell that riders can ring.

Baby boats has the lowest maximum rider height (36") of any ride at Lagoon.

Theme elements Edit

The center area of the ride features a rock garden and several colorful fish. Each boat has its own aquatic themed name on a flag on the bow, as well as painted on the stern.

The boat names are:

  • Lagoon Tow and Tug (unmanned lead boat) - Dark Blue
  • S.S. Sally Mander - Yellow
  • S.S. Dolphin - Purple
  • The C. Horse - Pink
  • The Goldfish - Light Blue
  • The Starfish - Green
  • The Guppy - Orange

Ride Changes Edit

Course changes Edit

The ride has had at least three slightly different waterways. Originally the ride was raised above ground with a more circular waterway. Not long after, a different raised oval waterway was built. It is not clear when the current concrete waterway that is embedded in the ground was built.

1992 Boat replacement Edit

The ride's original boats were made of wood. The lead boat was a small tug boat. In 1992 Lagoon replaced the old wooden boats with new fiberglass ones. At that time the tug boat was replaced with a new nondescript lead boat.

Kneeling pad Edit

In 2000 Lagoon added a kneeling pad to the cement edge of the ride. This offers some relief to the operators as they kneel to help children get in and out of their boats.

2008 Re-theme Edit

The current color-scheme, names and flags were added in 2008. The waterway was painted blue at this time as well.