America on Stage

America On Stage is home of the World's LARGEST dance and clogging competition! Where the "Magic of a Win" takes Center Stage!

Dance Nationals is sponsored by America On Stage and is held at Lagoon. It features all levels from Novice through Advanced

National Competitions Edit

Open Dance Nationals is a great competition at a great location! Enjoy the Park while you compete. Levels from Novice to Advanced are offered to give you the maximum competition experience. Dance Nationals is one of four major competitions at Lagoon!

Multiple Awards are offered in entry levels

(Dance Novice and Beginning). 

Double Awards are offered in the Dance Intermediate Level.

Single Awards with High Gold Rankings are offered in the Dance Advanced level!

National Championship titles and All-Americans are awarded in the Advanced level! Come dance with the best and see if you are indeed the Champion!

All Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Tap events are offered.

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